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In parallel with the ever-lasting boom of the digital era, grocery shopping is following the trend; and a new company adapted a fresh and unprecedent business model in the Middle East.

noknok, a 100% Lebanese App startup became live on both Android and IOS in June 2019. It is based on a very simple concept of having clients ordering the supermarket goods online, at convenient prices and a record time in delivery.

Unlike the other supermarket delivery services available in Lebanon and the region, being mostly an aggregator concept – transfer of baskets from retailers to clients who ordered online -, noknok owns the operation from A to Z; starting with direct partnerships with the FMCG distributors, to owning warehouses and a fleet of drivers, to partnering with technical firms, and certainly being managed by a pool of talents from within the commercial, supply chain, marketing and platforms/ERPs industries. Accordingly, the platform is able to offer the customers with a wide variety of categories with supermarket prices, speedy picking and delivery, a great user experience, instant stock update, live tracking and professional customer service.

noknok is owned and funded by Holding 233, a Lebanese group with international operations in different fields. Moreover, the tech partner of noknok behind the whole systemized cycle of operation and user journey is Eddress.

Currently noknok caters to service Beirut and its suburbs from 8:00am to 12:00am via its four warehouses located in Sodeco, Mar Mikael, Tallet el Khayat and soon Dekwaneh. The plan is to proceed gradually into the Metn and different areas as next steps.

Though it has been launched for a short period now, noknok was able to smoothly integrate into the community and engage in several initiatives, one of which was a partnership with DAFA, the NGO. noknok was able to host the donations cycle from the moment the local or international client requests a DAFA box – more than 10 food items – until the goods were delivered to the organization, who in turn distributed to families in need.

If you still did not try noknok and its amazing services, you can download it via Apple or Play stores and register with your mobile phone and email, pin your exact location, and embrace in the magic of the supermarket V2.0!